Oral Hygiene and Covid- 19

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Virus’s like covid-19 enter the body through the nose and mouth. They attach to the soft tissue lining and certain areas within the oral cavity then act as reservoirs for the virus to replicate over time.

Since the oral cavity is so closely related to the respiratory system, bacteria and viruses from the mouth can be easily aspirated into the lungs.

Regular thorough cleaning of the teeth and soft tissues including the tongue is highly recommended. Also ingredients present in most toothpastes act in a similar way that sanitizer do on our hands.

In addition, some recent studies have investigated possible links between oral hygiene and the severity of Covid infections. They suggests that since poor oral hygiene increases systemic inflammation, this may further predispose us to aggravating infections (Sampson 2020)

Good oral hygiene reduces the bacterial and viral loads from within the oral cavity. In turn this reduces the risk of other infections (both oral and systemic) which includes viral infections such as Covid -19.

Also, as Covid-19 spreads via saliva droplets (hence the need for mask wearing and social distancing) we can reduce the viral load in our saliva by cleaning well everyday which in turn will help to protect those around us.

Use an electric toothbrush with a round oscillating head twice a day for a minimum of 2 minutes. Clean between your teeth with floss or interdental aids. Use a good pea sized dollop of toothpaste and don’t rinse out after brushing.

Visit your dental hygienist regularly to have your oral hygiene regime checked for effectiveness.


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