The highly acclaimed Somnowell Anti Snoring device, recently featured on BBC 1 Goodnight Britain, is now available and is the only oral appliance that offers a truly effective and comfortable lifetime solution.

It is a small device worn in the mouth during sleep and gently holds the lower jaw in the ‘recovery position’ keeping the airway open.

The Somnowell Anti Snoring device

The Somnowell is made from cast Chrome Cobalt alloy, commonly used by dentists when creating the highest quality dentures, bridges, and crowns. It is impervious to the bacteria and fungi commonly found in acrylic plastic and is suitable for long-term use in the mouth.

As seen on BBC 1 “Goodnight Britain”, the programme showed just how easily the Somnowell is tolerated compared with the traditionally prescribed devices.

While comparably priced appliances will last only a fraction of the time, the Somnowell will look and feel exactly the same after decades of use.


How does it work?

The Somnowell gently holds your lower jaw in the ‘recovery position’ while you sleep, an ideal method for ensuring a well maintained airway. While other appliances infringe on tongue space, causing the user discomfort. The Somnowell’s unique lower jaw connecting section gives the tongue free space to move about. The Somnowell is so comfortable you won’t even notice you are wearing it after some time! The wearer can talk freely, drink and take medication.