Dovecote Dental Maintenance Plan

Our dental maintenance plan will allow you to budget for routine dental care.

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Help with Financing your treatment

We understand that money is often an obstacle our patients face in getting dental work done.

We are able to offer a standing order facility for treatment over £250 with easy monthly repayments. If you are interested, please get in touch

Fee Guide

Treatment Price (From – £) Price (£)
Consultation 44
Routine Examination 50
New Patient exam including all x rays 70
Hygienist 65
Teeth whitening 310
White fillings 137.50 203
Porcelain Crown 715
Bonded Crown 660
Bridgework (per tooth) 687
Porcelain Veneer 660
Root Treatment Incisor 379
Chrome Denture 924
Implants including Crown from 2,500 approx
Stabilise loose denture with two Implants from 1,300
Anti-wrinkle treatment (Frown Lines) 157
Anti-wrinkle treatment (more complex procedures) from 350
Inman Aligner – Teeth Straightening from 1,700
Clear Aligner system from 1,700
Sedation 300
Apicectomy 370
2BW X-Rays 28.60
Post Crown 836
Denture repair (1 day) 84
Full upper /Lower Acrylic Denture 803
IV Sedation £300 + treatment costs
Molar Root Filling 616
Anterior Root Filling 420
Sports Mouthguard from 150
Somnowell Snoring Appliance 1520
Acrylic Snoring Appliance 650
Routine Extraction 139
Surgical Extraction 330
Surgical Extraction of Impacted Wisdom Tooth 385
Examination 22.50
Examination for children under 10 of existing patients FREE
Simple filling (all fillings are tooth coloured) 68