The Inman Aligner is the perfect solution for crowding or protrusion of the front teeth. It is really efficient and excellent value as in most cases just one appliance is needed. The Inman Aligner is also really safe and kind to teeth.

With the patented Inman Aligner, your front teeth can be gently guided to an ideal position in a matter of weeks. Most cases are completed in 6-18 weeks and because it’s removable you can take it out to fit your lifestyle.

Alignment can be carried out as a standalone treatment or before whitening and bonding for an ideal minimally-invasive path to a great new smile!

Why straighten your teeth with an Inman Aligner?

Aligning your front teeth will not only improve aesthetics but will also benefit the long-term health of your teeth. Teeth continue to move throughout one’s life so crowding tends to worsen over time. Uneven teeth are prone to uneven wear causing exposure of dentine that wears fast and absorbs stain. Straight teeth are far less likely to suffer from this ageing effect and expensive corrective treatments can be avoided.

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At your initial consultation, our dentist will determine if the Inman Aligner is suitable for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Inman Aligner?
The Inman Aligner is a simple removable appliance used to align front teeth quickly and safely. It’s ideal as a stand alone treatment or to prealign teeth prior to further cosmetic options such as bonding or minimal veneers.
How does the Inman Aligner work?
The Inman Aligner has Nickel Titanium coil springs that power two aligner bows that gently oppose each other, guiding the teeth into their new position. These gentle forces are active over a very large range of movement, which is why the Inman Aligner works so quickly.

inman aligner hedge end dentist

The image below shows the squeeze effect of the two aligner bows on the front teeth. The inner bow pushes forwards, while the outer bow pulls back on the front teeth.

How long is the treatment with the Inman Aligner?
Most cases are completed within 6-18 weeks. Your Inman Aligner dentist will give you a realistic guide of what to expect.
What’s involved in Treatment with the Inman Aligner?
  • At your initial consultation, our dentist will determine if the Inman Aligner is suitable for you.
  • Impressions are needed so that the lab can fabricate your custom made Inman Aligner.
  • Initial fitting of the Aligner.
  • Wear the Aligner 16-20 hours a day
  • Regular Inman checks every 2-3 weeks.
Can the Inman Aligner correct all crowded teeth?
The Inman Aligner is designed to treat the upper and lower front teeth only. After an evaluation, our dentist can determine if the Inman Aligner is right for your particular case and will recommend treatment options.
What is the cost of Inman Aligner?
Each case is different so you will receive a personalised costing after your consultation with our dentist however prices start from £1,700.
Can I remove the Inman Aligner?
Yes – you can remove the Inman Aligner for social occasions.